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The first to present the ‘Pakistan Resolution’

G. M. Syed


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6 responses to “The first to present the ‘Pakistan Resolution’

  1. muneer sindhi ⋅

    saien g.m syed is the one of the best hero of the world.its no dout that sien is leader of sinhi quam/

  2. mairaj mahar ⋅

    this is founder of new sindh this is drem of sain g.m syed

  3. Amjad Mahar ⋅

    saeen G.M Syed
    he was not only good person but also one of the most brillant politicion.

    syed kahn sewai sindh adhori , syed sindh kahn sewai adhoro

  4. syed bilawal ⋅

    Sain GM syed is sindh and sindh is GM syed, he is founder of sindhi nation. he had the love with his nation he fought for him till death. i slut him, his dignighty and his strugle. Inshallah his strugle get success. just we should weakup. his literature is true and he is also full true.

  5. Masroor Sarmad Mangi ⋅

    Jeay Sindhu Desh to All my Sindhi Borther’s

    maa saein ji sha tareef kayan??? jetri b tareef kayan un kha saein G.M sayed Baba Hazar Baar wadheek Aahe…..
    muhjo sindhin khe salam Aahe….
    i like Sindhu Desh.
    i want to sindhu desh….

  6. Jeay sindhu desh
    sindhu desh muqadar ahy
    sindh ko is ka haq milyga

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