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She came up with:

Reveal or Conceal?


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8 responses to “She came up with:

  1. One of my classfellows – a girl, of course – uttered these words when another friend of myn – a boy, no doubt – proposed to her and asked whether she’d like to observe ‘purdah’…

    Yup, very true! 🙂

    And who hasn’t seen skin-tight burqas even?! Aren’t they in vogue these days?

    Make a quick visit to KU; u’ll see what I mean. 🙂 What’s goin’ on, man?

  2. hfm

    If I hadn’t read your comment, I would’ve had a really different view of you.I think that people who wear skin-tight burqas should be told where they’re going wrong.
    And we shouldn’t judge one woman’s mistake for the whole burqa wearing community.
    The girl didn’t have to wear a skin tight burqa, she could’ve observed it modestly.It wasn’t obligatory upon her to follow what the other hijabis do.

    Maybe that’s just me, but I think it’s a silly thing to say.

  3. interesting !! can be taken in amny terms 😉 !

  4. @hfm
    Agreed! Actually I wanted to tell sth more about her by just quoting her one expresion 🙂 U get the picture!


  5. siras

    😮 😮
    You’re joking about that, right? That girl didn’t really say that!! 😮

  6. TheScribbler ⋅

    No, I’m not! She said it to me.. 🙂
    U do know tht such things r just normal thz days, donchu? 🙂

  7. siras

    Maybe they are, but it’s just disgusting, according to me.

    There are so many girls who put up their pics in skin tight clothes all over fb, for everyone to see- disgusting!!

  8. TheScribbler ⋅

    Really?? 😮

    I dn hv any account on FB… but, would like to create one (in fact, MANY) if thr r certain things there :p

    BTW, wat FB actually is? :O

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