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…ھن دل ۾ سڄڻ ارمان لکين آھن… پورا ﻧﮧ ٿيا، پئمان لکين آھن

...ھن دل ۾ سڄڻ


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5 responses to “…ھن دل ۾ سڄڻ ارمان لکين آھن… پورا ﻧﮧ ٿيا، پئمان لکين آھن

  1. AamirRaz

    the title of the post reads: “hin dil me~ saJaN, arman lahke~ aahin, poora na thiya: paiman lakhe~ aahin!” This would be translated as(it’s not a literary translation, though): there are many wistful hopes in my heart, o dear! But, I have many proofs which will make it clear that none of them got fulfilled.

    the body continues the ‘shair‘: ke dard huaa jin Daat DahuuNi~ kayi, tuhinja ta piree~, ehsaan lakhe~ aahin!
    Translation: there have been certain pains which increased my creativity and skills ten times; I’m highly indebted to you, o dear!

    Hope you understand that Keats has said that poetry is what is left in translating it in some other language(s). 🙂

    I hope the scribbles won’t mind my translating the poetry. Will you

  2. siras

    For a second I thought I had forgotten all my Urdu!! Then I realised, it wasn’t Urdu!!

    But I did get it after reading it a few times, and it’s soooo sooooooo beautiful! 🙂

  3. siras

    Not to forget so sooo sad.

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