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Lost love simmers deep in my heart!


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10 responses to “Simmer

  1. I knew tht u’d come wid tht, Prat 🙂

    It’s not that the love (for you) has died.. Neither that I’ve learned to live without you!

    From a beautiful Sindhi track…

    Another couplet from the same goes like: “Still trying hard to survive, o sweet me! It’s not that our courage and forbearance has faded away..”

    Another 🙂
    “O Rangrez, we lived our life in ‘colors’; it’s not so that even a single moment has gone wasted..”

    Rangrez is the poet’s name. And I hope you know that the poetry is enjoyed fully in the original lingo in which it’s written.

  2. TheScribbler ⋅

    What? 😦
    u okay?

  3. siras

    😦 It’s sad 😦

  4. hmm, it really is…

    and hey, m planning to update my blog.. say wat? 🙂

  5. siras

    LOL! Yea, good idea! And about time! 😛

  6. TheScribbler ⋅

    hey, where r u on FB?

  7. siras

    Aah I’m kinda invisible on there 🙂

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